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Libertie is, first of all, a family story, from which a duo of mother-daughter entrepreneurs was born: Béatrice & Julie. This family spirit will become a pillar of our DNA, enabling us to develop a strong and unique connection with our staff, our suppliers, our partners and, of course, our customers. Since 2001, we've been offering a selection of trendy ready-to-wear and accessories with excellent value for money, an increasingly accomplished collection Creation and new items every week on the eshop and in our boutiques.

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In 2017, Julie digitalized Libertie by creating the eshop and thus built a community that now counts over 300k members on social networks. We continue to expand our big family with new shops openings all over France.

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bureaux boutiques Libertie

“At Libertie, customers have been the focus of our attention for over 20 years, and we love meeting them physically in our boutiques. Hence the importance of opening new ones.”

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