- Washing: We recommend a cold hand wash for most of our products. This will allow to preserve your best pieces and will ensure their durability.

- Spin drying: Our knitwear, and natural fibres such as viscose, linen and bamboo, do not tolerate spin drying in the machine.

- Ironing: We recommend ironing your pieces inside out at a low temperature.


- Jewellery: Plated jewellery is water resistant but may tarnish over time. We recommend polishing your pieces with a toothbrush and a specialist product once a year. Costume jewellery should not be put into water.

-Bags: Suede bags are delicate, supple and soft. They need special care to ensure their durability. We recommend making the suede water-resistant in order to protect the bag, using the appropriate products. In the event of a stain use appropriate products only and do not rub. Suede can absorb dark colours, make sure not to rub your bag against materials such as denim.